Unicorn Macarons
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Unicorn macarons recipe using our simple Macarons 101 guide. Full of sprinkles and cotton candy buttercream. Easy, colorful recipe by SouthernFATTY.com.
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: French
Serves: 24 assembled macarons
Macaron Shells
  • 90 grams egg whites (3 large egg whites), room temperature
  • 55 grams (~ ¼ cup) superfine sugar (granulated sugar in food processor until fine)
  • 200 grams (~ 1 and ⅔ cup) confectioner's sugar
  • 110 grams (~ 1 cup) almond flour
  • ¼ teaspoon cream of tartar
  • pinch salt
  • food coloring, I use THIS gel coloring
  • sprinkles, lots of sprinkles
  • piping bags
Cotton Candy Buttercream Filling
  • 8 tablespoons butter, unsalted, softened
  • 16-24 ounces confectioner's sugar, sifted well
  • few drops cotton candy flavoring, I used THIS one
  • pinch salt
  • edible glitter or sanding sugar
  • pink food coloring, optional
Macaron Shells
  1. Before you begin making macarons, please VISIT OUR MACARONS: 101 GUIDE for tips.
  2. Place room temperature egg whites in mixer bowl.
  3. With whisk attachment, whisk at medium speed until foamy, about a minute.
  4. Add superfine granulated sugar and cream of tartar. Mix until VERY stiff peaks form. You should be able to reverse the whisk and have the peak stands very tall without falling.
  5. Split into two even batches. Add food coloring here if desired. Add a bit more than you think you need, as it will fade slightly when baking.
  6. In a different bowl, sift together almond flour and confectioner's sugar. Repeat and sift a total of 4-5 times, removing any large pieces left behind after each sift.
  7. Add almond flour mix to stiffened egg whites.
  8. Using proper folding technique (see blog post for explanation of this!), fold until you can ribbon an "8" that holds into the batter. This should take about 50 proper strokes. THIS is the most important step in proper macaronage.
  9. If you want the swirled look, put each color into its own piping bag. Place the two piping bags together into a new bag. You will then have one bag with the two inserted color mixes.
  10. Pipe macaron circles onto paper-lined baking sheets using the macaron template from our MACARONS: 101 Guide and instructions available HERE.
  11. To pipe swirls, simply squeeze evenly at a 90 degree angle and twist slightly counter-clockwise. Stay in the same spot, only rotating your hand in the same center point.
  12. Sprinkle with sprinkles immediately.
  13. Let the shells rest at room temperature for 30 minutes to form hardened tops.
  14. Bake at 290 F for about 16 minutes. Be sure your oven temperature is exact. Use a thermometer to verify.
  15. Remove and let cool completely before removing from baking sheets.
Cotton Candy Glitter Buttercream Filling
  1. Add softened butter to mixer. Whip until smooth.
  2. Add remaining ingredients and mix until smooth. Add more confectioner's sugar as needed for tight enough texture.
  1. Pipe filling between two shells and enjoy!
  2. Visit SouthernFATTY.com for more.
Recipe based on Macarons 101: A Beginner's Guide from Southern FATTY. Find that guide HERE. -- Copyright 2017 - SouthernFATTY.com
Recipe by Southern FATTY at https://www.southernfatty.com/unicorn-macarons/